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The Multiple Listing Service (MLS). knowing the ins and outs and what is valuable of the MLS. Hiring a professional to properly sell your The ins-and-outs of the contracts. In Florida, our contracts are Florida Supreme Court approved. We know if, and when an attorney is needed to get involved, and typically know the best one for the situation. KB Realty is in contact with their client throughout any and all litigation that may occur.

The Multiple Listing Service is a platform local Real Estate agents use to add, end, and search for Residential properties, Commercial properties, and Vacant Land. Your local MLS is monitored by their board for accuracy of information on a daily basis. The high regulation results in accuracy of information, which is required for agents to locate, view, and sell properties for their clients effectively.

Independently a MLS can be formed in your local area, which is what has happened across the Nation. MLS’s often overlap, in the areas KB Realty services for example, there are 4 MLS’s; The Stellar MLS, The Space Coast MLS, The Daytona Beach MLS, and the New Smyrna Beach MLS. Most times it is outdated or inaccurate information. Other times it is the third party website generating the listing from an out of town MLS. Let’s say XYZ Realty, Inc. from Miami takes a listing in Orlando Florida and isn’t a part of the local MLS to the Orlando Market. The agent, unethically in our opinion, can put the listing in their local Miami MLS and hope that it sells through one of the third-party syndicators they approved for it to go. The local MLS will not have the property on their platform. The proper way to go about Listing your property is first to make sure your agent is a member of the local MLS. Although the practice is frowned upon it still occurs. A good real estate agent, or sometimes their client, can quickly browse through third-party websites just to make sure you don’t miss out on a poorly represented property.

When a Real Estate agents input their listings into the MLS there is an option to export the listings to the available 3rd party syndications. Most agents allow the export to the third party websites, but not all. Zillow, which also owns Trulia, has created some bad blood with Real Estate agents as of late. Their announcement of Zillow Offrs is an attempt to cut Real Estate agents out of the home buying and selling industry. Realtors not allowing Zillow to display their listings is starting to become a common practice.

A Comparative Market Analysis is a value determination of the property by a Real Estate agent.

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