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If you put the same amount you spend on Monthly rental expense into paying off a mortgage a magical thing happens. You go from just getting by, to getting ahead in life. Every Month you are putting money into your pocket instead of someone else’s. Sure, home ownership comes with having to do your own repairs but it is more than worth it. The satisfaction of the money you will be accumulating, by paying off your mortgage, far exceeds the money you will need to put toward maintenance of your investment. Quick Math: $1,000.00/Month in rental costs is $12,000 per year into your landlords net gain. The two largest maintenance costs of home ownership are the Roof and AC unit(s), which has a life expectancy of somewhere around 15 and 10 years respectfully, also right around $12,000. You could almost put a new roof and install a new AC unit every year for the same amount of money out of your pocket. But of course you wont need to do that. Retainer cost – $1,000.00 Inspection costs – $450.00 Mortgage Down Payment – Varies greatly. From $0.00 to over 3.5% of the purchase price.

A commission for an agent to gather information, negotiate, and service you has already been negotiated with the Seller of the property. If you reach out to the listing agent to view the property and get into contract with them, you are passing on Free representation. Small percentages of large purchases turn into big dollar savings. Having an agent represent the Buyer and Seller is a perfectly acceptable transaction, however, wouldn’t you rather have a professional to the industry with the same tools and industry related negotiating experience to be on your side, to get the best deal possible?

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If an agent is spending their time with you home it is customary for you to continue to use them to close on the house that is decided upon. Nobody likes to work for free. There are certainly times that the agent is not holding their weight on their representation responsibilities and a termination of the relationship is needed, apart from those situations staying with one agent is the right thing to do. It is customary for the Agent to give a gift of some kind to the client. It is not, however, customary for the Agent to receive a gift on closing day. We worked for a commission, a gift on closing day is not proper. During the process of purchasing, or selling, a house the agent is showing you how great of an agent they are, not just for you current and future Real Estate needs, but for you to tell your loved ones about you. The best “gift” I have received from a client is him reaching out to me because he ran out of business cards from promoting me and was asking me to send him some more. Referral’s from past clients are compliments to our work, which is the best gift you could receive.

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