About Us

Hello, my name is Joel Boland, the Realtor Referral service was created when my son’s baseball coach unexpectedly had to relocate to Colorado. I was more than happy to find, vet, and introduce the people he needed for a smooth home purchase and a competitive mortgage. My wife, Kristine Boland, and I actively run, operate, and client-advise under KB Realty Inc. I have held my Real Estate license since 2005. Personally, I have 10+ years’ experience in locating, vetting and writing government contracts nationwide for David Boland, Inc.. It was a natural fit for a valuable national service, right from the start.


We will be relentless in making sure your paired up with the ideal Agent who specializes in the area your interested in. Our approach is to guarantee a proper match is made in the best of our clients’ interests.


At a predetermined time we will be following up with you to make sure the agent is working out for you and the search is going well. We ask for you to respond to our inquires.


We strive to make sure your 100% satisfied with your Agent’s abilities. If your ever unhappy, we will immediately contact them on your behalf to cease communication and find you a new agent.