Real Agents from Real People

No matter where you are moving to or where you are selling, we will find the best agent in that area for you!

How Our Agent Finder Works

Once we get a list of potential agents that can be a good fit we call and talk to at least 3 agents. We vet agents with a series of industry related questions, depending on their answers there is approximately 5 questions. For example, the first question that is answered is how long it took them to return our phone call (did they answer).

“Before we make a recommendation, we will have either vetted 3 agents to choose from or we vetted agents until we find a good one, a good real estate agent that best fits our clients’ needs.”

Nada, nothing! The cost of this service is FREE to our clients.

With a valid reason, KB Realty will find you a new agent. If required, KB Realty will reach out to your previous Real Estate agent and inform them that you are choosing to have a personalized search done for new realtor. We will let them know that their services are no longer required.

Takes about 48 hours for proper vetting. We will find a handful of agents that meet your specified need. We will call each of these and ask several questions. Depending on results we will recommend one to you and why.

We will always protect your contact information. We will never sell your information to a 3rd party.

Local Real Estate Agents

If your Real Estate needs are within the continental U.S. we will find a great agent in your area.

Agent Screening

We vet our agents for the quality service you deserve. Nobody can Vet a Realtor than a Realtor. Let KB Realty’s experience in National Vendor screening and Real Estate find you the agent you will love.

100% Satisfaction

With a valid reason we will terminate your relationship with your Realtor and assign you a new one.

We will find a professional, producing, experienced, full-time, attentive, personalized Realtor.

Please provide us with the information below to make your experience as smooth and effective as possible.


We will be relentless in making sure your paired up with the ideal Agent who specializes in the area your interested in. Our approach is to guarantee a proper match is made in the best of our clients’ interests.


At a predetermined time we will be following up with you to make sure the agent is working out for you and the search is going well. We ask for you to respond to our inquires.


We strive to make sure your 100% satisfied with your Agent’s abilities. If your ever unhappy, we will immediately contact them on your behalf to cease communication and find you a new agent.

What our client’s say